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The Milford RIDERS

(Residents Involved in Decisions Enhancing our Recreation Skatepark)


A new volunteer committee, the Milford Riders, has been formed to raise money and coordinate the

necessary improvements for the skatepark.  Anyone wishing to volunteer or to make a donation toward this effort can contact the Milford Recreation Department at 672-1067

This facility is used by experienced and novice boarders and skaters. The Town of Milford does not assume any responsibility for injuries that may occur during the use of this park.


Rules of the Park 


  • The Town reserves the right to revoke use of the facility privileges for individuals who display inappropriate conduct or do not obey the rules, and will be subject to criminal penalty.

  • Disruptive, dangerous or detrimental behavior is grounds for loss of park use privileges.

  • Failure to follow these rules will result in the closure of the Skateboard Park.



   The Milford Parks and Recreation Dept. is seeking adult, parent and high school youth volunteers to assist in the monitoring of the new Milford Skate Park. Duties will include monitoring and supervising the Skate Park, making users aware of the rules of the park, assisting the users in keeping the park clean, and other general assistance with the skaters and boarders. Times available will be day and evening, weekdays and weekends.    Please contact the Recreation Office at 672-1067.


Park LocationABOUT THE PARK...  

What is the tax impact to the Town?  
Answer:   0 dollars

Where did the money coming from?  
Answer:   All money was raised by donations.

Does the town have liability insurance coverage for the park?  
Answer:   Yes under the current insurance coverage.  

Why Keyes Field?  
Answer:    As recommended by the Parks & Rec. Commission and the Board of Selectmen



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